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  • No more fighting to remove lice and nits from between the tight pins of your comb!

  • remove-lice-faster
  • No more fighting to remove lice and nits from between the tight pins of your comb!

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Just as a regular lice comb, swipe from the roots of the hair outwards.


Here comes the magic, press the handles to open the comb, dip the teeth in the water, and watch the captured lice and nits fall effortlessly into the water.


Release the pressure and the comb will return to its closed position, ready to comb again.

It's that​ simple! amazing! easy! fast! clean!

Best Lice Comb Attributes

Chemical free treatment

Safely and gently sweeps away lice and nits

Saves time

Ergonomic design

Trusted by experts

When it comes to treating head lice, it’s hard to find both an effective and usable tool.

The Fast ’n Clean Lice Comb checks both boxes. 

Love, love, love the ability to clean it quickly

Katie Shepherd

One of the top head lice experts in the world.

Founder and CEO of the Shepherd Institute which has certified over 500 lice removal clinics in ten countries.

Lice Clinics Professionals Video Testimonials

Tate and Amy Singletary

Lice Clinics 805 Owners – Ventura, CA

Anne and Miriam

Lice Clinics 805 Technicians – Ventura, CA

Made to WORK.
Made to LAST.

We design every Fast ‘n Clean comb to give great results for years to come. If you ever experience issues with your Fast ‘n Clean comb, we will fix or replace it.
We want to take care of the planet, so we choose to pack our products using recyclable paperboard, not plastic.

Lice Professional Registration

Lice combs

For business

Lice professionals understand the importance of saving time in the combing process. Shorter sessions equals more clients.

Lice combs


With a small change in the traditional lice comb design we made the combing process so much faster and convenient that now there is a natural, non-toxic, effective, cheap and convenient alternative to chemical treatments.

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We will process your request and send you one of our awesome combs completely FREE! *

* This offer is intended to introduce our comb to lice professionals, as such it is valid for lice clinics owners only. We reserve the right to deny the application at our sole discretion. For a limited time only, we reserve the right to terminate this offer at any time.

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