Combs using using the patented CPR Lice Comb System are the perfect tools to make your business more profitable!

Spend your time on actual treatments, rather than on cleaning combs

  • Shorter sessions = more profit.
  • Clean your comb in less than 10 seconds.

  • No nits left trapped in the comb after cleaning.

  • Ergo dynamic, easy to comb for longer periods of time without hand pain.

  • Save even more money! No need for baby wipes or paper towels to clean the combs.

  • Eco-friendly packaging.

  • Non-Slippery Grip.

  • Since it cleans in no time, you could give the client the comb to take home after the treatment.

  • Reduce risk of re-infection when parents use to comb at home – due to cleanliness of Fast ’n Clean.

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